Escape poverty with culture rebranding

Culture and the sense of belonging to it has a significant impact on how poor people perceive themselves. The mind of poor people can be trapped within the borders of the culture and language. If the culture is perceived as poor, then the people living in it call themselves poor as well. To escape such mindset of poor, rebranding the culture may be a solution. It could be the change of national identity and the sense of belonging to another culture. This approach of cultural rebranding may change how poor people view themselves. Moreover, it can change the idea of what people believe about who they are.   Cultural rebranding is more about the emotions about poverty, not the actual data statistics. The level of income may not change if rebranding the culture. However, the overall psychological attitude could change in a positive way. For example, people of one poor culture will begin to believe that they no longer belong to it. They might start to believe that they belong to another cul

Competition as a cause of poverty

Today the world is moving fast enough to make certain groups of people poor. The demand for skills is getting higher day by day. If you can't keep up with the pace, then you lose your job. This is how you can fall into unemployment and poverty if you refuse to practice continuous learning at your current job. There always will be someone who can do more things at work than you. It is impossible to slow down the competition. This is why poverty will persist as long as the human desire to develop exists.   Practicing the stagnation to cut overall poverty levels because of the competition does not look like a solution. Businesses must thrive for efficiency and job skills development is key. The problem is the availability of resources required to be invested in the development of job skills. In some companies the employer invests resources in the skills development of an employee. In other workplaces, an employee must invest resources in his own job skills development by himself. Whoe

Regulating street begging with beggar certificate

For someone begging in the street is a desperate step to earn a penny for food. For others street begging is a big business with lots of cash involved. To control street beggars and their earnings, there may be developed a government issued beggar certificate. This kind of certificate could control who and how many hours can beg per day. It may even be prohibited for a certain class of people to be issued such beggar certificates. For example, if someone has police or medical records related to drug use, then such people may not be allowed to beg in the street at all. Moreover, a beggar certificate may be issued for a maximum period of one year. This could be a step to eliminate lifetime street beggars.   To mention, this is only a prototype certificate. It does not exist but has a chance to be researched. This is because street beggars are a real problem in some cities. Anyone can sit down on the street pavement and begin to earn money by doing nothing. It gives a negative impression

How multilingual AI assistant can reduce poverty

With the power of AI nowadays we see a lot of chatbot assistants designed for various purposes. These AI chatbots can be trained to help with different tasks: from writing a piece of code to drawing an image. It would be interesting if an AI chatbot could be trained to give specific poverty-related assistance for different people in any language. Taking into consideration that poor people do not have access to the internet, this kind of AI technology may be embedded in one single device which will be able to operate offline. It would resemble a smartphone but may not have any other functions than giving an AI digital assistance for poor people.   From employment assistance to education and health-related advice, AI digital assistant may reduce poverty across the world. There are a lot of talented people who are unlucky with their economic status because of their place of birth. Someone is poor just because of the place of birth. An AI digital assistant could help these unlucky people b

How much is enough and how to define poverty

Poverty is defined as a lack of resources needed to satisfy basic needs such as food and shelter. However, this definition does not apply to the personal point of view. It is not about how much money you have, but how do you feel about how much you have. Someone might feel poor because of not having enough money for food, thereby calling themselves poor. On the other hand, someone may drive an old, rusty car and call themselves poor because of not having enough money for a brand-new car. So, what is real poverty and how much is enough to stop feeling poor?   As said before, you might feel poor even if your basic needs are satisfied. It is all about comparing yourself with someone else. If someone has as much as twice as you, then this kind of comparison may make you feel poor. To stop this kind of feeling you may need to review the practice of comparing yourself with others. There always will be someone who has more resources than you. No matter how much money you make, the personal fe

Fix the habits that keeps you in poverty

You might not be poor right now. However, some of your habits may make you poor. The way you spend money and relate to people reflects your account balance. If your balance is close to zero, it means something might be wrong with your daily habits. Here are described some habits that need to be fixed to save more money and get out of poverty:  1. Compulsive shopping habit.   Compulsive shopping means buying products or services without taking some time to resonate about the purchase. To fix this habit you need always to take some time before buying. You need to allow yourself time to think thoroughly about the purchase. In most cases, by using this approach you will not be able to buy compulsively the things you don’t need. Think of it as a tea break. Take a drink, think about the pros and cons of a desired product or service, or even consult a friend. In this way you can break the nature of compulsiveness and have a shopping experience with a lot of analysis beforehand. This kind of a

Being poor is not easy

It is difficult to fully enjoy life and be out of stress while being poor. If there is not enough money to pay for necessities, then it is unlikely to be happy enough. People say money doesn’t buy happiness, however most life enjoyment comes from buying things. Lack of money can affect even the happiest person on Earth. Feelings of financial insecurity give a lot of stress. This is why it is difficult to remain calm and fully enjoy life while struggling financially at the same time.   In most cases poor people face anonymous discrimination. Nobody says directly to poor people to stay away from those who are not poor, but social division persists. Social division means poor people being divided from the middle and upper financial classes. Have you ever seen homeless and uneducated people hanging out with those who are educated and do not have financial struggles at all? This is how people are socially divided by the level of their income. Poor people hang out with the poor, middle class