Competition as a cause of poverty

Today the world is moving fast enough to make certain groups of people poor. The demand for skills is getting higher day by day. If you can't keep up with the pace, then you lose your job. This is how you can fall into unemployment and poverty if you refuse to practice continuous learning at your current job. There always will be someone who can do more things at work than you. It is impossible to slow down the competition. This is why poverty will persist as long as the human desire to develop exists.  

Practicing the stagnation to cut overall poverty levels because of the competition does not look like a solution. Businesses must thrive for efficiency and job skills development is key. The problem is the availability of resources required to be invested in the development of job skills. In some companies the employer invests resources in the skills development of an employee. In other workplaces, an employee must invest resources in his own job skills development by himself. Whoever fails to do so loses the competition and the job.  

Another issue of poverty and unemployment is young and skilled professionals willing to perform a great job for a minimum salary. They may take over good jobs and leave other professionals with years of experience unemployed. This may lower the overall job pay rates and the quality of life. This is the correlation between poverty and job competition. One day the salaries may drop very much because of competition. You may become poor while being employed. In this situation, if keeping up with the job competition is impossible, then changing the job profile to a less competitive one may be a solution. It is important to keep an eye on the job trends and stay updated. Pre-planned decisions can help you prevent job loss and possible poverty issues.