Escape poverty with culture rebranding

Culture and the sense of belonging to it has a significant impact on how poor people perceive themselves. The mind of poor people can be trapped within the borders of the culture and language. If the culture is perceived as poor, then the people living in it call themselves poor as well. To escape such mindset of poor, rebranding the culture may be a solution. It could be the change of national identity and the sense of belonging to another culture. This approach of cultural rebranding may change how poor people view themselves. Moreover, it can change the idea of what people believe about who they are.  

Cultural rebranding is more about the emotions about poverty, not the actual data statistics. The level of income may not change if rebranding the culture. However, the overall psychological attitude could change in a positive way. For example, people of one poor culture will begin to believe that they no longer belong to it. They might start to believe that they belong to another culture with a different language. This step can boost people’s self-esteem and may give motivation to begin a new life along with another culture where poverty does not exist. Escaping the poor mindset is crucial to escape poverty. Culture rebranding can help change the mindset of the poor and possibly escape poverty. 

Cultures that need rebranding to escape poverty can be those which are overly focused on celebrations and holidays. This kind of culture which lacks the sense of hard work is not expected to have bright economic outcomes. If nobody works and celebrates all year long, then poverty is likely to take place. Rebranding the culture and its values from too much celebration to valuing lots of hard work can help a specific community to get out of poverty. Rebranding the culture and changing its values is not easy, but it will pay off in the long term. It all starts from peoples’ beliefs.  

Good productive cultural beliefs can turn into a good performing economy. By changing what people believe about themselves and the outside world, you can change what people are doing. Culture rebranding has a big potential for recovering the poor economies with minimum investments. It may take time for people to accommodate to the new rebranded culture. If this approach will succeed somewhere, then it may be applied anywhere in the world as a standard practice for improving peoples’ well-being.