Being poor is not easy

It is difficult to fully enjoy life and be out of stress while being poor. If there is not enough money to pay for necessities, then it is unlikely to be happy enough. People say money doesn’t buy happiness, however most life enjoyment comes from buying things. Lack of money can affect even the happiest person on Earth. Feelings of financial insecurity give a lot of stress. This is why it is difficult to remain calm and fully enjoy life while struggling financially at the same time.  

In most cases poor people face anonymous discrimination. Nobody says directly to poor people to stay away from those who are not poor, but social division persists. Social division means poor people being divided from the middle and upper financial classes. Have you ever seen homeless and uneducated people hanging out with those who are educated and do not have financial struggles at all? This is how people are socially divided by the level of their income. Poor people hang out with the poor, middle class enjoys their time among middle class and those who are extremely rich are hanging out only with the same people as them. This is how social division works depending on the level of income of an individual.  

Getting out of poverty is possible but not easy. The chance of success heavily depends on the available support which comes from the community. The support implies the quality of community the poor person is living in and its culture. In some cultures, poverty may be perceived as a failure of a whole community, while in other cultures poverty is perceived as an individual failure. It means different cultures are networking differently when talking about poverty. It depends whether it is a collectivist or individualist community.  If you are lucky with being in a collectivist community where poverty in an individual is perceived as a failure of a whole community, then you might get support. If you are not in such a collective community, then the individualistic community may only blame a person for being poor as personal failure and giving almost no help.  

The most common advice for people facing poverty is not to give up and work hard for a better future. Having a good education is a key and this is the primary point to begin with. The more educated you are the more chances there are to get out of poverty. Use the internet as a tool to educate yourself. There are a lot of free educational resources on the internet. Work hard with persistence and there will be positive results. Figure out what you want to learn and invest in education for a better future.