Regulating street begging with beggar certificate

For someone begging in the street is a desperate step to earn a penny for food. For others street begging is a big business with lots of cash involved. To control street beggars and their earnings, there may be developed a government issued beggar certificate. This kind of certificate could control who and how many hours can beg per day. It may even be prohibited for a certain class of people to be issued such beggar certificates. For example, if someone has police or medical records related to drug use, then such people may not be allowed to beg in the street at all. Moreover, a beggar certificate may be issued for a maximum period of one year. This could be a step to eliminate lifetime street beggars.  

To mention, this is only a prototype certificate. It does not exist but has a chance to be researched. This is because street beggars are a real problem in some cities. Anyone can sit down on the street pavement and begin to earn money by doing nothing. It gives a negative impression about the overall community well being and may affect tourism score for some city hot spots. Poverty is a problem, but begging is not a solution. To solve the problem of poverty there must be developed alternative ways of earning a little money with no appeal to street begging. The beggar certificate may legalize the business of begging and eliminate from the streets those who do not deserve to beg.  

Another thing the beggar certificate could control is the place you can earn money by begging. You may not be allowed to beg in a place other than the place where you used to live most of your time. This could stop poor people migrating to big cities only for the purpose of begging business. If you are born in the countryside, then you may be allowed to beg only in the place of your birth. Moving into a big city only for the purpose of begging may be prohibited by law. This kind of beggar certificate for some countries may work and for others may not work. It is only a prototype, and it could be very interesting if tested in the real world.