Fix the habits that keeps you in poverty

You might not be poor right now. However, some of your habits may make you poor. The way you spend money and relate to people reflects your account balance. If your balance is close to zero, it means something might be wrong with your daily habits. Here are described some habits that need to be fixed to save more money and get out of poverty: 

1. Compulsive shopping habit.  

Compulsive shopping means buying products or services without taking some time to resonate about the purchase. To fix this habit you need always to take some time before buying. You need to allow yourself time to think thoroughly about the purchase. In most cases, by using this approach you will not be able to buy compulsively the things you don’t need. Think of it as a tea break. Take a drink, think about the pros and cons of a desired product or service, or even consult a friend. In this way you can break the nature of compulsiveness and have a shopping experience with a lot of analysis beforehand. This kind of analysis before actual shopping will help you filter useless spending and save more money in your account. 

2. Not planning the budget habit. 

Spending money as you go without planning the budget is not a good habit. No matter how much money you have it will get spent very quickly without having any spending plan. Calculate the amount of money you can spend daily based on your income. If you feel like you are not having enough and are about to go into debt, then try to cut on something. Debt is not a good thing, but with a well-planned budget you can lower it significantly. Don’t be shy to take a pen, a piece of paper and make at least a sketch of what your monthly spending is expected to be. A well-crafted budget plan will help you save money and get out of poverty.  

3. Poor networking 

Poor networking is the habit of staying in the comfort zone of the people around you. This habit is described as not having a will to get in touch with new people and not trying to expand the network you are in right now. Just look at the people around you. Someone from your network might be the key to financial gain. I most cases it is a mutual financial gain, and you will need contribute to the people from your network to gain financial opportunities from it. However, if you are not investing time into expanding your network of people, then there are less chances you will meet someone who might give you an opportunity for financial growth. To fix this habit get yourself out of your comfort zone, get in touch with relevant people who are expected to give you financial opportunities. Keep in mind that you will have to invest resources into the network of people around you to benefit from it. Network professionally and you will get out of poverty.