How much is enough and how to define poverty

Poverty is defined as a lack of resources needed to satisfy basic needs such as food and shelter. However, this definition does not apply to the personal point of view. It is not about how much money you have, but how do you feel about how much you have. Someone might feel poor because of not having enough money for food, thereby calling themselves poor. On the other hand, someone may drive an old, rusty car and call themselves poor because of not having enough money for a brand-new car. So, what is real poverty and how much is enough to stop feeling poor?  

As said before, you might feel poor even if your basic needs are satisfied. It is all about comparing yourself with someone else. If someone has as much as twice as you, then this kind of comparison may make you feel poor. To stop this kind of feeling you may need to review the practice of comparing yourself with others. There always will be someone who has more resources than you. No matter how much money you make, the personal feeling of being poor will persist if you compare yourself with someone who has more money than you.  

This world will always have something to offer what you will not be able to afford. From this point of view, you may feel poor. If taking this approach, then the definition of poverty can be adjusted individually. It means that the general definition of poverty may not define you poor. If you feel okay with what you have, then you can define yourself as non-poor. This is how you can escape being labeled as poor just by creating your own definition of poverty. Define how much is enough for you and enjoy life as a rich person.